I Can Proudly Boost Of It That No Man Is Responsible For All My Success Today- Actress Laide Bakare Reply Fans Who Asked About The Father Of Her Children

Laide Bakare, an actress from Nigeria, boasts that no guy has ever been to blame for her success. When an admirer questioned her about the father of her children, she responded that the query was irrelevant.

On her Instagram profile, Laide Bakare posts a picture of her and her two sons along with the statement, “You are my life engine, the Finest gifts I have ever received,

The joy in my soul, the sunshine in my day, and the love of my romantic life MOSOPEFUNOLUWA I’m nitoripe OLUWADAMIRE. Dupe Erun HALLOW MORNING Why, therefore, did I not wish myself a happy mother’s day? Okay, I forgot to say, but Omo! I do attempt to

In response to this, a fan messaged her on social media to inquire about her spouse, pointing out that she only ever uploads pictures of her and her kids by herself. An admirer wrote:

Apologies, Hajjia. You’ve been posting only positive things on this site about yourself. But you never mention your Abu, the family’s head of household (husband). Why ?? Oh no, this is unjust. Please allow us to view the attractive man because you have been posting lovely things about yourself and we must now see him.

Reacting to this,

@adewunmi.razak No man has ever being responsible for my success. It’s only God and God only. So pls that’s an irrelevant Question here Abeg!