“I Can’t Take it Anymore, I Just Have To….”– Veteran actress Ronke Oshodi criticized Toyin Abraham days after Funke Akindele did

Nigerian actress Ronke Oshodi recently conveyed her deep admiration for her fellow actress Toyin Abraham.

On her Instagram page, the actress with a fair complexion lavished Toyin Abraham with compliments for her outstanding portrayal in the film titled “Ijakumo: The Born Again Stripper.”

Ronke Oshodi, known for her direct and honest approach, made it clear that she only gives movie reviews when they are genuinely warranted.

Recalling her previous positive review of Femi Adebayo’s film, she expressed her admiration for Toyin’s exceptional performance and acknowledged the talented ensemble cast of the movie.

In her own words, watching the film left her with an overwhelming sensation.

Toyin Abraham’s acting prowess is extraordinary. I recently watched ‘Ijakumo: The Born Again Stripper’ and it sent shivers down my spine. Seriously, you have to see it for yourself. I’m not one to sugarcoat things, so if something isn’t good, I prefer to remain silent. But this movie had such an impact on me that my body trembled. Every actor delivered their best. Kudos to you, Toyin.”

Actress Ronke Oshodi, also known as Ibironke Anthony Ojo, recently provided an update on her daughter while expressing her trust in God’s control. The Nollywood actress had previously shared details about her daughter Jummy’s alleged food poisoning incident. Ronke had accused Jummy’s undisclosed higher institution of negligence and shared how her daughter had been poisoned, possibly by her friends or roommates.

Ronke recounted receiving a distress call at 3:45 am, informing her that Jummy was hospitalized after ingesting a harmful substance. Upon reaching the hospital, she witnessed Jummy in distress, crying, and appearing disheveled. Although the circumstances surrounding Jummy’s consumption of the harmful substance remain unclear, Ronke suspects that her daughter’s friends or roommates were involved in an attempt to poison her.

While Ronke purposely chose not to disclose the name of the institution, expressing her reluctance to tarnish its reputation, she sternly cautioned the school that she would not take any mishap involving her daughter lightly. Nevertheless, she expressed her belief in God’s ultimate control over the situation.