“I do jealous of Portable’s other women, but am now used to it because is like a father” — Ashabi Simple spill (Watch)

Actress and Portable’s fiancée, Ashabi Simple, candidly discussed experiencing occasional jealousy towards other women in the singer’s life.

During an interview with Punch Saturday Beats, she attributed these feelings to the nature of Portable’s profession.

Despite occasional bouts of jealousy, Ashabi Simple clarified that she isn’t involved with him for monetary reasons. Earlier this year, she welcomed a child with Portable.

She said;

“When it comes to his relationships, he is very protective. When I see him with other women, I sometimes get jealous, but I caution myself, knowing that he is a celebrity. However, he is always open and that is better than hiding (keeping secrets). I am used to it all.”

Ashabi also spoke on her admiration of how dedicated Portable is to his craft:

“I strive to achieve what I want. I am not in competition with anyone. If I want to compete with anyone, that should be my husband, because he is also an entertainer. I look up to him; he is more like my mentor. Despite being made, he is still vibrant and full of energy.”

“If I am dating him because of his money, I would be tired by now. No one forces Portable to do anything, and I do not have a problem with that, because I do a lot for myself. I have always been like that. Before I started my clothing business, I worked as a bus conductor, bartender, and I sold pieces of jewelry, before I started attending filmmaking class and working in the film industry as a manager. And, that was where I started making money,” she added.