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“I Don’t Care What You People Said About Him, Is Still The Love Of My Life”– Laide Bakare Shade Those Who Revealed Things About Her Husband.

Laide Bakare is unabashedly sharing pictures of her new husband on social media, expressing her love, even in the face of hearing negative comments about him within just a few weeks of their marriage.

Despite hearing negative things about her new husband within a few weeks of their marriage, Laide Bakare remains unfazed, embracing the concept that different people have different opinions about relationships.

In her continued expression of love, Laide Bakare emphasizes that everyone has their own preferences and opinions, likening it to the saying that what suits one person may not be suitable for another, indicating her indifference to public opinions.

One man’s food it’s Another man’s poison.I have heard A lot about him in recent Time. Haba! Out for Dinner jare.HAPPY SUNDAY LOVERS

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Prepare2020 wrote: Congratulations to you, hope you won’t Japa later because of money because you are olowo ni mo balo, 3 husband is okay rest hun

Black bold Wrote: Every want to marry,but can’t endure all the consequences…OBIRIN

Official_iyawofacebook wrote:It’s 2024, y”lol should grow up, be nice wat ur comment and find peace for urself haba😂😂 someone can not rest in comment section nah bottles u go dey throw up and down😮wonfiseyin nii, esaa ma wo Ori temi

Testimony1357 wrote,: Is this real or we should be expecting movie from you two? But truth be told this man is handsome 😍

Bukolasaalako wrote: Abeg follow ur mind w need man in our life.if u don’t want them to distroy ur life❤️w move

Muyiwaolamide wrote: My advice for you Ma, you’re one of my favorite, please and please hide your private life cos evil people everywhere, one mistake suppose be a lesson of success 👌👌👌

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