“I Don’t Care’s If You’re Angry And I Will Not Beg You. Na My Matter Go Klll You”– Portable 2nd Wife Replied Portable With Another More Sultry Video

Portable’s second wife, Honey Berry, has responded to Portable’s online video where he called out Koko Zaria for his involvement with his baby mama.

Honey Berry expressed her indifference towards Portable’s continued anger, stating that she doesn’t mind if he remains upset for an extended period because it’s her life.

Adding to her response, she declared that her affairs would torment Portable, vowing never to allow him to find peace of mind.

She Wrote: ‘I don’t care if you are angry. You think I will beg you, it is my matter that will k!ll you because I will not let you rest’ -Singer Portable’s babymama responds to him

Adedeji_temitayo wrote: abeg which of portable’s baby mama be this one? i don’t know her

Apeke_mi wrote: @fiesloaded he has a baby mama before bewaji that left him before he became somebody. That’s why he doesn’t regard her nor talk about her. He didn’t wife her though, he married Bewaji.

Angelctp wrote: But how does portable manage to get all these beautiful ladies 😂😂😂😂 nawaohh

Schooles100 wrote: He’s not tell her no to F anybody Na she get her body not to carry his pikin go F !!! This kin things they vex person I know one person this kin thing happen to before!!! When the foolishness guy the explain how he F one lady who drive morano come with nursing’s baby still breastfeeding ooo but she come F the guy, the guy said the baby was disturbing in the hotel room so the woman breastfeeding the baby because the baby no stop crying but the lady done off already so she put the baby on bed and back the guy on bed the boy said he slide in his D and she lady sounds oh !!! That day i was angry d lady carry morano come f another boy from Lagos To Abk

Jummie_maryesan_gold wrote: A big lesson for ladies,don’t let any man talk down on you,you sent her packing nd still want hee to be loyal to you..ko possible baby girl ride on,fo what gives u peace of mind

__araoluwa__ wrote: 2024 the motto you all accepted unanimously for this year is bringing too much drama oo nobody wan gree for anybody😂🤣😂 it’s too early 2024 abeg🤲🏻😂

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