“I don’t charge to perform in an event but the Lord blesses me” – Dunsin Oyekan reveal shocking revelation

Sensational gospel musician, Dunsin Oyekan, has garnered admiration not only for his soul-stirring music but also for his unique approach to sharing his talent. In a recent interview conducted by content creator Timi Agbaje, Dunsin Oyekan shed light on his philosophy regarding performing at events without charging a fee.

Oyekan articulated that his decision not to charge for his performances stems from his belief in the divine purpose of his music.

He views his gift as a means of spreading the message of hope, faith, and love, rather than as a commercial endeavor. By offering his music freely, Oyekan hopes to reach a wider audience and touch more lives with his message of spirituality and empowerment.

During the interview, Agbaje also delved into Oyekan’s creative process, asking how he gets into the right mindset before performing.

Oyekan shared that he relies on prayer and meditation to connect with the spiritual essence of his music, allowing him to deliver performances that resonate deeply with his audience.

During the interview, Timi Agbaje raised a question regarding how secular musicians often use alcohol to get into the right mood for performing. Dunsin Oyekan responded by sharing his personal approach, explaining that he relies on prayer and speaking in tongues to align himself with the spirit before creating music.

When the topic of charging for performances arose, Dunsin Oyekan expressed his belief that the decision depends on the consecration of the musician.

While some gospel artists may feel called to charge for their services, Oyekan emphasized that he personally chooses not to, citing his own consecration as the guiding factor in his decision.

Dunsin maintained that he doesn’t charge to perform at events but the Lord continues to bless him.

Watch him speak below …

I don’t charge to perform song in an event but the lord blesses me – Dunsin Oyekan said in an interview pic.twitter.com/dqe9EZlfcL

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