“I don’t want to leave Nigeria” – Little girl tears up at airport, refuses to travel abroad

A lady has left many netizens teary-eyed as she shares a video capturing the emotional moment her little girl at the airport expressed reluctance to leave as they were set to travel abroad.

The family was at the airport when the girl along with her little siblings told their mom that didn’t want to leave the country.

However, the mother tried to reason with them as she informed them that the holidays were over and it is high time they return to their home in Italy.

To lift their spirits, she promised to bring them back to Nigeria by the year’s end so they can come enjoy the Christmas break again in Nigeria.

Sharing the video online, she wrote…

“My baby doesn’t want to leave Nigeria.”

Check out some reactions …
Anita Otis Oduh said: “Hahahaha 1 first time am seeing a kid refusing to leave Nigeria.”

Done Brightness said: “The weather here is not busy in Italy now.”

STEVEN okocha said: “Nigeria is not a boring place. It is a boring thing to live abroad. Not everyone knows that.”

@beauty reacted: “Chai! No place like home; abroad na so so waka waka for appointments; boredom experience and receiving of leters and paying enough bills.”

Eghosa Infinity said: “Somebody is fasting for 7days and 7nights because of visa. This life nor balance.”

@animal kingdom said: “Nigeria is great country but the government is just our problem.”

Ellagreat said: “They have shown her real love in Nigeria, alike Italy those resist oyebo people.”

Mr money said: “This one don play tire for sand.”

Josephine weja said: “Ha Na village people?”

Victorious reacted: “Osim I don’t want to leave Nigeria.”

@bangs|bramos said: “Italy nor dey okay Africa is the best content to live.”

Watch the video …