“I earn Over N4.2m, paid tax of N1.4m monthly” – Nigerian Canada-based lady laments over high tax Payment in the country

A TikTok user from Canada, @foya2005, expressed frustration over a large portion of her monthly earnings being withheld for taxes.

In her post, she revealed earning 6,200 CAD (around N4.2 million) monthly, but only retaining 4,100 CAD, with a substantial 2,100 CAD (approximately N1.4 million) deducted for taxes.

@foya2005 captioned her video, conveying her dissatisfaction with the situation.

She wrote;

Realizing I made 6,200 a month but only took home 4,100 because of taxes. Yes, that is the life we live here, paying taxes that we don’t even know where they go.”

Since then, the message has garnered attention, prompting many individuals to question the fairness of the tax system and express sympathy for her circumstances.

When questioned about her profession, @foya2005 mentioned that, considering her qualifications and skills, she believes she is both underpaid and underemployed.

“Believe me, I’m under-employed and underpaid for my skills and education,” the lady said.

Netizens Reactions…

@MONICA PALLO said; “Canada! Give me my money back!”

@slymonie said; “Which work earns that far.”

@slymonie asked; “Can you literally tell us these skills? We might benefit from them.”

@prince john 254 said; “That good money dear.”

@August asked; “Is Vancouver a nice city to work?”