“I Feel So Embarrassed And Disappointed”– Actor Temitope Topright Voiced Out After Been Denied Kizz With Colleagues Itunu While On Movie Set (Watch)

Nollywood actor Temitope Iledo Topright recently posted a video detailing an uncomfortable experience involving actress Akinbayode Itunu Anita on a movie set.

Temitope shared on his social media page that he encountered an embarrassing situation when Akinbayode Itunu Anita insisted on kissing him during their scene on the movie set.

Expressing his discontent with the situation and the current dynamics on set, he conveyed his discomfort with how things unfolded during the filming process.

Itunu took to the comments section to challenge Temitope for releasing such kind of video online.

He Wrote: This is really embarrassing 🥺🥺 @iamakinbayode_itunu imagine you said you can’t kiss me
@kemity I’m not really happy with what’s happening on your movie set 😡😡😡😡

Watch the video below;

Ijeshaekun wrote: If person do me like this on set, I no go shoot with her again self.

Aman.daowen2023 wrote: So bad why Can’t she kiss 😚 nah mumu shakara them go Dey do 😲.

Allwelladegoke wrote: Maybe directed should leave them one on one 😂 I no sure sey she no feel kiss make u na leave them one on one 😂 that one go make sense no be woman ! I know them.

Ronkkybella wrote: No be her fault sha 😮person way girls Dey ruch don’t mind her jareee😍.

Judothegoodman wrote: When Topright turn Nollywood Abi na Yorubahood Portable omolalomi Abi na carter efe you be… last 2 weeks na Apa, this week na Itunu😂😂😂… I kuku know say all na cruise, make una continue coz me Dey gbadun ham.

Kelvinjanet918 wrote: But is it that you people don’t read the script before getting into the act or what this is a paying job and you have to be professional about it and if you know you can’t according to the script is better you return the money asap and they will look for another person to replace the particular scine