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“I Felt Loved,” Itele D Icon Says As Market Women Gift Him Foodstuffs, Others Pray for Him, Clip Trends (Watch Video)

A video featuring the renowned Yoruba actor, Itele D Icon, has gone viral, evoking strong emotions on the internet. The video depicts Itele amidst the hustle and bustle of a market in Abeokuta, where he received an outpouring of love and generosity from a group of elderly women. They bestowed upon him an assortment of food items, including vegetables, tomatoes, and other essential ingredients.

The heartwarming footage touched one viewer deeply, leading them to express their sentiments, saying, “No matter the hardships, pain, or agony Nigerians endure, they always manage to find ways to be givers… I am proud to be Nigerian.”

Itele D Icon, a beloved figure in the Yoruba Nollywood industry, has captured the hearts of online users through a video showcasing his time spent shooting in a popular market in Lagos. The video quickly went viral as it depicted the actor’s surprise and gratitude when several market women approached him, presenting him with various food items such as vegetables, onions, pepper, tomatoes, and seasoning. In addition to their gifts, the elderly women were seen offering prayers for the actor’s continued success and grace in his filmmaking journey.

The trending video, shared by Itele D Icon, has stirred a range of emotions among viewers as they witness the heartwarming gestures of these market women, who displayed their love and appreciation for the Yoruba movie star by gifting him with diverse foodstuffs.

Watch video below;