“I Have Never Hold This Kind Of Money In My Life, My Children Negleected Me, But You Show Me Love”- Mama A2 Breakdown In Tears As Kunle Afod Surprises Her With 645k (Watch)

Kunle Afod continues to show unwavering support for elderly veteran actors and actresses who are in dire need of assistance.

Recently, Kunle Afod visited Iya A2, and the condition in which he found her was concerning, especially as she showed him a building that had collapsed, narrowly missing her head.

Today, Kunle Afod announced that they have returned to present her with a cash gift totaling six hundred and forty-five thousand naira.

He wrote: Don’t tell me u have not seen the full video of my second visit to mama A2 on YouTube

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See how fans shower praise on him

Omo_akin533 wrote: Whoever that has contributed in this project in one way or the other may your pocket never run dry ijmn🙏

Officail_blessen wrote: Uncle kunle, this initiative of yours can only be inspired by the Holyspirit.🥺 May GOD continue to bless your family and show you mercy. You will never lack anything good in life. 🥺😔

Opeyemi_interior wrote : Is this not the mother of oba adedapo for koto Aye well done baba 👏

Kveden wrote: I’m just loving this man daily, may God continue to make you happy for all you’re doing for these veterans 👏

Insidekiitii wrote: Afod oni mo ibodiii omo
Afod oni damu loriii omo
Afod igba ti ounje omo ba jinan tan koni ba o ni grave

O_lai_de wrote: Omoh this happiness you bring to mama life won’t stop your blessings sir ❤️🙌