“I Have Too Many Fine Women In My Life But My Lawunmi Is The Only One That I Know”– Massive Reactions As Taiwo Hassan Ogogo Set To Increase His Daughter Bride Price Over Her Recent Beauty (Details)

Veteran actor Taiwo Hassan Ogogo praises his daughter, Kira Taiwo, as he acknowledges her achievements among her colleagues.

Taiwo Hassan Ogogo humorously disclosed that the only beautiful girl he recognizes is his daughter, Kira, though he’s aware his wife and mother might playfully disagree.

He added that while he has encountered many beautiful women in his life, Kira holds a special place, jokingly asking if he should consider raising the bride price because she has given him such a lovely daughter.

To the only fine girl that i know, haaa! @kira_taiwo dont let your mothers and my 🤭🤭 you know come for me.

I have too many fine women in my life but my Lawunmi is Special.

@lawalyusuf24 is like i will need to increase the list, see fine girl now …abi? Though a tinge of jealousy lingers as I release her to you 👍

Embracing the bittersweet symphony of life as I proudly gave away my daughter’s hand in marriage. In the melody of joy, there’s a subtle harmony of nostalgia and a touch of wistfulness, creating a beautiful composition of mixed emotions that only a father’s heart can understand. Here’s to new beginnings and treasured memories.

As a seasoned actor, I’ve delivered countless lines and emotions on stage, but this scene surpasses them all.

I find myself caught in a whirlwind of emotions. To my beloved daughter, may life shower you with all its goodness, and may genuine happiness surround you just as it has embraced me through friendships. Though a tinge of jealousy lingers as I release you into a new chapter, my heart embraces this normal process with unwavering love. Here’s to your joy, my dear, and to the beautiful journey that awaits you.

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Mahrskit wrote: 😍 Masha Allah!!!!! May this post and all that concerns you skipped all evil of eyes.Aameen.

Aliulola6 wrote: Egbon mi, look at our Shakira 👏👏👏👏Congratulations sir

Princessuzan wrote: Oluwaseun lopolopo congratulations baba Oloye e jere gbogbo won

Omoluabi_textile wrote: Congratulations Sir❤️ Barakallahu feeh Sissy @kira_taiwo ❤️

Realzion53 wrote: Congratulations to you and the family 🙌🙌🙌

Fundaives wrote: Waoh! Daddy and daughter 😍😍❤️

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