“I Initially Believed I Wouldn’t Succeed, But God Strengthen Me”– Actress Kemi Afolabi Says As She Return From Hajj2023 Amidst Health Issue

Renowned actress and filmmaker, Kemi Afolabi, has delighted her fans by sharing captivating photographs of herself at a luxurious airport in Saudi Arabia, as she embarks on her return journey to Nigeria. With gratitude to Allah, the talented actress reflects on her journey and acknowledges a time when she doubted her own strength.

However, she triumphantly declares that she has surpassed that phase and has now successfully completed the Hajj pilgrimage in 2023.

The shared images depict Kemi Afolabi in a first-class airport setting, exuding elegance and contentment as she prepares to depart for home after this profound spiritual experience.

Her caption reads, “Alhamdullilah. First I doubted my strength! Now I have gone past that phase. Thank you Allah. Hajj 2023 completed”.

The charming photos shared by Kemi Afolabi have sparked a wave of reactions online, with both fans and fellow celebrities expressing their admiration for her beauty. Among those who showered her with love were actress Bukola Adeeyo, who sent affectionate emojis to convey her support and appreciation.

When reflecting on her journey, it is noteworthy that merely a year ago, Kemi Afolabi faced a formidable battle with Lupus cancer, which compelled her to seek treatment in Maryland, USA. The treatment necessitated a substantial financial commitment, involving millions of Naira to ensure her recovery. Fortunately, her health has significantly improved since then, and she is now in good health.

In a recent post, Kemi Afolabi reaffirmed that she had experienced moments of uncertainty regarding her own strength. However, she proudly proclaimed that she has successfully overcome that stage in her life, underscoring her current state of well-being. Expressing gratitude for her recovery, she attributes all the glory to Allah for guiding her through this arduous period.

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