“I Knew He Was Going To D!e, But They Never Allow Him To Use What I Gave Him Because Of My Second Wife”– Mohbad Father Says As He Reveal More Secret (Watch)

Mr. Joseph, Mohbad’s father, has made a surprising revelation about how his son never once provided financial support to him due to interference from his wife’s family, who prevented him from doing so for their family.

He further mentioned that he was unable to purchase even a single bag of cement or blocks throughout his entire life.

The father revealed that he had offered some prayers for his son Mohbad but was not allowed to use them because of his wife.

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The Post Captioned: ‘His wife and her family members that were controlling him never allowed him to transfer money to me. They used jazz on him. He was always giving excuses. My son loved me so much. He was my best friend and partner. We did everything together and we composed some of his songs together. I am also a musician. He didn’t drop any album without telling me. He promised me he would eventually go back to gospel music later in life’ -Singer Mohbad’s dad.

In Another Video He said: ‘I made a special prayer for my son on how he will use his glory for a long time, I was led by the spirit to make a prayer water for him in a keg. I knew he was a busy man so I called the wife to be reading Psalms inside the water and pour some inside his bath water and when the prayer water is about to finish, they should be topping it up. Later they said the wife’s mum told them I was in a secret cult so they left that prayer water in the old house they rented and moved to a new house. On Tuesday at about 4pm, they called me he passed away…They refused to use the water I gave them’ -Singer Mohbad’s Dad.

Another post captioned: ‘Mohbad was a merciful child who was always encouraging me. The last money he gave me was N20,000 on Saturday to buy fuel. I wasn’t happy with him because he didn’t build a house and the new house he moved to was rented so I didn’t visit him. The wife took total control of him to the extent that she was the one that bought one pickup for me yet she transferred his money to her own mum everytime. Nigerians should go and look at the account balance of the mum. BVN will reveal every transaction made in my son’s name to her. After buying the pickup, they didn’t give me money for its maintenance and I still run around on how my rent will be paid but I am happy he is a glorious child and he didn’t spoil my name’ -Singer Mohbad’s Dad

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