“I Leave Marlians Record Label When I Overheard Their Plan to Kill Mohbad on Sunday” – Naira Marley’s Signing, Tori Keeche Reveal Another Shocking Details (Picture/Video)

Tori Keeche, an artist signed under Naira Marley’s label, has made startling allegations concerning Mohbad’s demise. She claims to have overheard members of the crew plotting to harm him, potentially adding more complexity and controversy to the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s passing.

Tori Keeche shared her experience on her Instagram story, revealing that she has faced insults and accusations from those who believe she was somehow involved in the alleged plot against Mohbad. This situation highlights the heightened emotions and suspicions surrounding the events leading up to Mohbad’s death.

Tori Keeche’s departure from the record label was reportedly influenced by her alleged awareness of Naira Marley and the team’s alleged plan to harm Mohbad during his concert in Ikorodu. This revelation points to deeply troubling and disturbing developments within the music industry.

Tori Keeche revealed that she faced threats and mistreatment from the Marlians because she chose to distance herself from them upon discovering what she described as a lot of evil going on within the group. Her decision to speak out against the alleged wrongdoing likely took immense courage and carries significant implications for those involved.

Tori Keeche clarified that she had no involvement in Mohbad’s death but was aware of the alleged plan and attempted to intervene. However, she claimed that the team threatened to harm her family, which led to her silence on the matter. This highlights the gravity of the situation and the fear that individuals may have felt when dealing with the alleged threats within the group.