I lied and frame it up, Davido didn’t helped me – Viral boy confesses, says he was very desperate for fame (Video)

A Nigerian boy, popularly known as Jjfrosh, previously made false claims about receiving assistance from the well-known singer Davido. However, he has now come forward and sincerely retracted his fraudulent statements. In a TikTok video, Jjfrosh humbly apologized for his deceit and openly admitted that Davido had not actually provided him any help, contrary to what he had previously asserted.

The initial video that went viral depicted Jjfrosh sharing a heartwarming story about how Davido generously supported him after years of struggling to gain popularity and followers on social media. However, in his latest video, Jjfrosh honestly confessed that he had fabricated the entire story with the sole intention of seeking attention and recognition.

During his candid confession, Jjfrosh revealed that he is a comedian who had been facing challenges in gaining recognition on various social media platforms. Unfortunately, in a misguided attempt to garner more attention, he resorted to falsely claiming that Davido had offered his support. Now, with remorse and regret, Jjfrosh seeks forgiveness from those who had placed their trust in him and believed his fabricated tale.

With utmost sincerity, Jjfrosh humbly asked viewers to understand his desperate act and to pardon him for the deception. He appealed to anyone who might have seen the original video to accept his heartfelt apology.

“See my name na Jjfrosh, I be comedian. I reason am say for how many years wey I Dey do video, my highest like na 17 likes, nobody Dey gree Dey like me. If I tell my people make dem go subscribe, follow me, dem go Dey insult me say I no fit blow. Na em make me do like person wey Davido help, na em make me do that video.

“I no know say e go viral like that. Before I know, bloggers don carry am Dey post for facebook and instagram. So abeg make una no vex, Davido no truly help me. Make una help me Dey beg Davido make he help me. Na this tripod and phone my papa buy for me before he die, since then no family member don help me but I go prove to them say once Davido reply me, better Dey come sha.

“Abeg make una help me Dey beg Davido. Make una no vex abeg, I No know say I fuck up abeg. I no wan spoil my career, na em make me come online come confess, I no want make anybody think say Dey don help me. Make una help me Dey beg Davido, na only him fit do am.”