“I love him genuinely not for his money or fame” — Eudoxie Yao speaks on relationship with her lover, Grand P

Eudoxie Yao, the Ivorian partner of Guinean singer Grand P, affirms the genuineness of her love for her boyfriend, emphasizing that her commitment isn’t driven by financial gain or fame.

Despite a previous breakup in 2021 stemming from rumored infidelity, the couple has reconciled, and their relationship seems to be flourishing once more.

In a Ghanaian interview, Eudoxie Yao clarified misconceptions about her relationship, debunking beliefs that her association with him is solely for his wealth.

She staunchly asserted her authentic love for him, highlighting that their shared experiences during challenging times have deepened and fortified their bond.

Eudoxie Yao asserts that her relationship with Grand P has been a learning experience for her, emphasizing that she isn’t in a relationship with him for the sake of social media attention.

While disclosing their plans for an imminent marriage, she opted to keep details about their private life confidential, referring to their intimate affairs as a secret.