I LOVE Y’ALL MOST DEARLY“– Actor Ibrahim Chatta Says As He Rain Prayer On All His Fans Over Their Kind Gesture

Nollywood actor Ibrahim Chatta is currently generating a reaction on the internet as he offers prayers for all his online fans. This gesture from Ibrahim Chatta reflects his appreciation for the love and support shown by his fans online. It is possible that the recent release of the movie “Jagun Jagun” by Femi Adebayo led to questions from fans regarding Ibrahim Chatta’s absence in the film.

To express his gratitude and cater to the requests of his followers, Femi Adebayo decided to release a cover picture featuring Ibrahim Chatta in the movie.

This act could be one of the reasons why Ibrahim Chatta took the time to pray for all his fans online, acknowledging the affection they have shown him.

Ibrahim Chatta dress in native attire with black shoe looking smart and handsome in it.

Ibrahim Chatta is a nollywood actor and film maker who has feature in different series of movies.

His word read; God bless all my FANS around the world 🌎

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