“I Love You So Much Father, Rest In Peace Dad”– Dejo Tunfulu’s Son Celebrates His Father Posthumous Birthday Today

The son of the renowned comedian Dejo Tunfulu expressed a heartfelt tribute brimming with affection, appreciation, and heartfelt greetings in honor of his father’s birthday, which occurred after his passing.

The sincere message touched the hearts of numerous individuals, who united in commemorating the enduring impact of the beloved comedian. Dejo Tunfulu, celebrated for his contagious laughter and unique brand of humor, left an indelible mark on the entertainment scene in Nigeria. His untimely departure was a significant blow to the comedy community and his worldwide fan base. Nevertheless, his legacy and comedic genius persist, thriving in the hearts and minds of those who admire him.

Utilizing social media as a platform, the son of Tunfulu took to heartfelt expression, sharing a sincere introspection that conveyed the deep affection and profound admiration he possesses for his departed father.

In a poignant message, he penned, “On your heavenly birthday, I send you heartfelt wishes, dear dad. It has been a year since you departed, yet your memory remains eternally vibrant within us. Gratitude fills our hearts for the cherished moments we shared. We hold immense love for you, daddy. May you have a joyous birthday in heaven. 💔🕊 Dejo Tunfulu fans, kindly join me in offering a prayer for my hero 🙏🏻.”