“I Nearly Got Engage In 2005 But..” Actress Allwell Ademola finally speak on why she is still unmarried at 41 year (Video)

Nollywood actress Allwell Ademola, aged 41, recently shared insights into her single status during an interview on her colleague Biola Bayo’s YouTube show, “Talk to B.”

Reflecting on her dating journey, the movie star, who recently celebrated her birthday, disclosed that she was on the brink of marriage in 2005, but tragically lost her partner.

She admitted that when he was shot, they were both on a call. Allwell claimed that the incident caused her two years of trauma.

“I know a lot of people who don’t want to be married and want to be alone. I know those who want to be married but don’t want kids.

I was supposed to have gotten married in 2005, but he died in November, that same year. I was talking to him on phone when he got shot. I lost my mind for 2 years”.

Allwell Ademola as she grieves over her lover

Recall that last month, Allwell had marked the remembrance of her lover.

Taking to Instagram, Allwell noted how he was a good man and her everything.

She revealed that she had made a promise to herself to wait for his return, but he never did.

Expressing how much she missed him, she prayed for him to rest on.

“Every Dec 9 marks your departure NJ. You were a good man. My friend, partner, brother, supporter, confidant, and all that. I said I would wait for your return but you never did. I MISS YOU. Rest on”.