“I need this strength for 2024” – Lady breaks piggy bank after 10 months, counts wads of Naira notes (Video)

At a UK airport, a Nigerian woman faced a heartbreaking situation when her bag containing meticulously wrapped fried cow and ram meats was seized.

In a video posted on TikTok, the young lady, whose identity remains anonymous, shared her ordeal. The confiscated meat, meticulously wrapped and taped inside a sizable bag, was showcased in the video.

Expressing deep regret and sorrow, she voiced her helplessness as her meats were confiscated as contraband, unable to do anything to prevent it.

The video was captioned, “After all this wrappings, One cow, 2 rams was deep fried, but it was collected on arrival. So they will throw my meat away”.

Watch the video below:

The video quickly garnered attention on social media, drawing sympathy and reactions from netizens.

Some reactions are shown below:

@hardetholexxlexxs said, “How did you feel? I’ll sit on the floor and turn myself to drama queen with tears. I’ll use cry cry to entertain them. it’s sad tho. Accept my hug.”

@Vivacious said, “Add tom-tom to your meat, Crayfish, fish. before package, it’s hides the smell.”

@Hugo_Electric said, “I think the major problem was the quantity.”

@Sharon Onyii said; “I think it was too much that’s why they confiscated it.”

@Mrs. ogay said, “Next time just use cargo services, I use cargo for mine.”

@SHAKYRA said, “Next time don’t use this bag they know is from Nigeria so they we check it but if it is travelling bag they will not check it.”