“I Parked My Car At The Spot Where The Explosion Took Place”– Actress Aisha Lawal Give Glory To For Spare Her Life Over Ibadan Gas Explosion

Actress Aisha Lawal posted a picture of herself, sharing a glimpse of the blessings that God has bestowed upon her life.

She expresses gratitude to God, noting that while she was present, nothing significant occurred, and it was only after she left that the gas incident took place.


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Wunmitoriola Wrote: Thank You Lord,may God comfort those affected

Bigisis_meena wrote: The house I stay with my roommates collapse. Still feels unreal to witness such force. It’s so dusty rn.
More like I was walking in thick clouds
Sneezed like a million times already!

Amuludun_tvblog wrote: Who knows nobody knows …be good be nice to people be humble Av fear of God in all you do ..cus u don’t know the last day of ur life on earth ..May the peace of the lord be the departed souls 😢😢😢😢🙌🙌🙌 💡

Fishermonisolaolatayo wrote: The kind of prayer Yorubas say that “Olorun ma jé ka gbe’le fi ôrun ró” iit what I expirienced today, I was sitting down jejely dey enjoying my shawarma plus tiger nut milk in the living shortly few minutes of received a call from a friend, the next was to hear a massive shake from the roof like the ceiling was going to remove, there was no light and I saw the ceiling fan dangling like it was going to fall and I was sitting directly to the fan, I was so scared that I had to leave what I was eating and ran outside, as I ran outside I saw my landlady and told her my experience, she said it was lightening, which kind lightning I no hear the sound? Thank God there was no light as at that time, I might have been a victim of this d!s@ster, some few minutes after the incident happened, the brought light. It was a terr*ble experience, but I thank God He averted the 3vil, dust from the ceiling just full everywhere on the couch.

Mascoarts14 wrote: Haaaaaaa….Alhamdullilah Robillihalamin….May Allah be with you always ma’am 🙏

Peckshairsmit_ wrote: Thank God ooooooo too many reasons to thank God this night cos ehn… I postponed a lot today😭😭… Thank you Jesus🙏🙏🙏

Iamabdenke wrote: I was 2 streets away from there my heart almost jumped into my mouth… we thank God for safety

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