“I pray and read my Bible everyday so I can win the Grammy award” – Davido spill

In a recent interview with @BritishGQ, Davido, the renowned singer, opened up about his daily prayer routine and expressed gratitude for his three Grammy Awards nominations.

He highlighted the importance of the Bible in his life, mentioning that he utilizes a Bible software installed on his tablet, providing him with daily hymns and prayer points.

Davido shared that his prayers consistently include a desire to clinch the Grammy Awards, a goal he has fervently prayed for since receiving multiple nominations for the prestigious accolade.

Reflecting on his journey, he emphasized how God has consistently been his support, especially during his lowest moments when hope seemed elusive.

Comparing himself to the biblical David who triumphed over Goliath, Davido expressed his belief in overcoming his challenges, drawing strength from his namesake’s story.

Watch him speak …

I’ve been reading my Bible and praying for the Grammy award – Davidopic.twitter.com/zBpgAwyUSa

— X-Daily (@X_Dailly) January 3, 2024

In another post A Kenyan couple leaves the internet at a standstill as they receive sets of furniture, a washing machine, a cow, a goat, and many others worth millions of naira on their wedding day.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the tradition in an African country where couples are blessed with literally everything to start a life.

In the video, the couple be seen taking the delivery of a full set of sofas, including and table a dining set, and many others.

The guests joyfully brought their gifts forward while taking photographs with the newlywed, except for the gifter of a cow who only presented a photo of the cattle

The huge quantity of the gift has since left many Nigerians especially stunned at how prosperous a wedding ceremony is in Kenya.