“I Really Love You, Please Come And Marry Me” Nkechi Blessing’s Ex- Boyfriend, Opeyemi Falegan Shoots His Shot at Linda Ikeji

Ekiti politician Opeyemi Falegan, previously associated with Nkechi Blessing romantically, has publicly declared his affection for renowned Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji.

This unexpected declaration of admiration stemmed from Linda Ikeji’s striking Instagram picture, where she flaunted an elegant black gown accentuating her long legs. In a social media post, the lawmaker praised Ikeji’s beauty and poise, highlighting her graceful aging.

His compliments took a playful yet direct turn, extending to a lighthearted marriage proposal, inviting her to “come to daddy.” However, Linda Ikeji, known for her discretion and expertise, has not responded to these surprising and forward expressions of interest.

Moreover, gistlover recently highlighted Opeyemi’s thoughts on the dynamics between parents and their children, especially regarding caregiving and support.

An instance pointed out was the relationship between the late artist Mohbad and his father. There was a stark contrast between Mohbad’s thriving lifestyle and his father’s apparent struggles, sparking inquiries and apprehensions. This situation prompted Opeyemi to contemplate how a parent’s devoted efforts and sacrifices might not always ensure reciprocal care or appreciation from their children in later stages of life.

Opeyemi’s reflections were drawn from public reactions and observations of Mohbad’s father’s circumstances. Despite Mohbad’s success and financial prosperity, his father’s condition seemingly indicated a lack of assistance, contradicting the artist’s earlier songs praising his father’s pivotal role in his life. Mohbad had previously honored his father’s sacrifices in his music, crediting him for saving money for his education and overall upbringing.