“I Really Need Help, but People don’t remember me” – Actor Tajudeen Oyewole Abija Says as he cries out for help

His popularity extends beyond local and international boundaries. Tajudeen Oyewole, known as Abija, is an actor who faced a near-fatal car accident eight years ago. In this interview with Taiwo Abiodun, he reveals that since the accident, he has been struggling to make ends meet.

You may not be aware, but Chief Tajudeen Oyewole, widely known as Abija in the Yoruba movie industry, now walks with a limp. The Famous9ja discovered this during an unexpected encounter with the renowned actor recently.

Furthermore, you would hardly recognize him as the vibrant champion of the oppressed, always ready to confront witches, wizards, and other negative spirits in movies. He now appears pitiable, all due to a devastating car crash he experienced in 2007.

Oyewole explains that he derived his stage name, Abija, from an engineer. “There was a construction company called Abija Construction in Oshogbo, owned by a respected old man. When we were planning a 13-week play, we discussed what name I should be called, and the name of the construction company came to mind. I suggested ‘Abija.’ We had 25 episodes in the play, and I was asked to use the name ‘Abijawara Bi Ekun.’ Later, we simply called it Abija.”

“Before that time, I had used other stage names, but none of them brought me as much popularity as when we used the name ‘Abija’ in the series ‘Opa Aje.’ The name became my trademark and propelled me to fame. Today, only a few people know my real name.”

Regarding ‘Opa Aje,’ Abija explains that it was shot long before it premiered on TV, and the entire crew was surprised by its immense popularity. He describes the storyline, saying, “It revolves around three villages and the ‘Opa Aje’ (prosperity staff). The staff, shrouded in mystery, belonged to Lasigun Village (his mother’s village). It was agreed that the staff should rotate among the other two villages, Bilagun and Telude.

Interestingly, Abija mentions that only recently did they realize that the story indirectly referred to Nigeria’s struggle for power and resource control.

Additionally, I come from a family of hunters. No woman should embrace me after a hunting expedition due to what I may have on my body. If I need any animal, I simply go into the forest and hunt it. The power is there,” he asserts confidently.

Despite his fame, Abija reveals that it has not translated into wealth. “I am not

He said

I Really Need Help, But people have forgotten me

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