“I see them as my mentor and tutor, how will I cope with my marriage now” Alesh Sanni cries out as Bolanle Ninalowo and wife’s crashed marriage

Nollywood actor Alesh Sanni has voiced his disappointment regarding the unsuccessful marriage of his colleagues, Bolanle Ninalowo and Bunmi Ninalowo.

He shared on his Instagram page that the couple had previously acted as mentors to him and his wife, offering valuable marital advice.

He confessed how afraid he is of marriage and that he is unsure of what to do in light of the growing divorce rate in the world.

Sanni claims that he loves his family and that the fact that his parents have been married for more than 30 years provides him so much both during and after.

He wants the same thing but worries that it won’t work because he might fall in love and wed the wrong person.

“So sad about all these happening about marriage, because the people who gave my wife and I marriage advice years back just left each other.
Those I look up to and I want the best for them after many years.
I’m just so scared of marriage. I dunno what to do anymore and I love family. God, seeing my parent together every day gives me so much joy and happiness. After 3/ years of their marriage. I wish to have the same but not sure it’s gonna work.
What if I marry the wrong person? What if I love the wrong person, So many things keep bothering my mind.
I dunno what to do anymore. This is just so sad… Can this be a trust issue?
Can this be loyalty?
I can’t think straight cos this one weakens me.
God gives us all it takes to give my marriage cos I’m scared.
I just want you all to know MEN are going through a lot as well”.