“I think am in love again but his number is Unavailable” – Actress Biodun Okeowo seek for advice from fans she reveal her newfound love

Nigerian actress Biodun Okeowo brought joy to her fans by playfully revealing her newfound love on social media. In a light-hearted manner, she humorously disclosed that she has fallen in love once again, focusing on her boyfriend’s recent trip to the United Kingdom, which seemed to have left her teasingly curious.

Through her Instagram page, Biodun Okeowo shared a delightful post, accompanied by a funny voice-over, where she playfully mentioned that her boyfriend had set off on a journey to the UK. In a humorous twist, his phone had become untraceable since he left, leaving her with a playful glint in her eye.

The clever and witty announcement had her followers laughing and pondering about the playful moments in her love life. Biodun’s humorous approach to sharing personal aspects of her life endeared her even more to her fans, who found her charming and relatable.

In the post, she wrote, “I am in love again 💃🏼!!! What do you think 🤔 about my new guy? His number has been saying swut off (switched off) since he left 🤔. What do you think eyin fans mi..?”

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