“I used to beæt my wife so merciilessly when ever she is pregnant” Actor Jigan Babaoja reveal during an interview

In a recent interview, actor Jigan Babaoja revealed that in his earlier years, he used to frequently engage in physical altercations with his partner.

He further explained that during that period, he believed that physically harming his partner was the only way to express his love.

In the interview, Jigan Babaoja shared that he remained a virgin for a considerable time and only started having a girlfriend later in life. He admitted that due to his upbringing, he lacked a clear understanding of love, leading to his misguided belief that physical harm was a way to demonstrate affection.

He disclosed how he resorted to beating her mercilessly at different intervals for different things, and that for him it was also a way for him to feel good about himself and to exert his dominance.

He went on to detail a particular incident where he hit his girlfriend’s mother with a plank and she fell into a gutter. However, he revealed that it was all in the past, and that now he realizes the error of his ways by publicly apologizing to the girl if she was listening to the interview.

Also recall that media personality and influencer Chioma revealed last year in an interview with Toke Makinwa that she had faced domestic violence from her boyfriend. She revealed that her boyfriend would beat her so much that she would find herself in the hospital.

She had also disclosed how the first time he had physically abused her, she had not been able to find the strength to leave, but he had apologized to her and she had accepted him back. She detailed how the physical abuse had gotten too much that he had hit her so hard she was bleeding from her nose. However, luckily she was able to finally leave the relationship in one piece.