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“I will die on a Sunday after a good meal of pounded yam” – Pastor Adeboye make a revelation ablut his dealth

During the ongoing Holy Ghost Congress of the church, Pastor E. A. Adeboye discussed the potential circumstances of his death if the rapture doesn’t happen soon.

He mentioned that he might pass away similarly to one of his uncles who died after a church service.

Describing his uncle’s passing, Adeboye mentioned that after dancing during a church service, his uncle was at home and unexpectedly passed away without prior illness.

He recounted that his uncle passed away while in the restroom while his wife was preparing his meal.

“After she finished pounding the yam, she knocked at the door of the toilet, when they opened the door, my uncle was gone; no sickness, no ache, no pain.

“I know somebody will say if we are never sick, how are we going to die and go to heaven? You don’t need to be sick to go to heaven”.

“If the Lord tarries His coming, I will go on a Sunday after a good meal of pounded yam,” he said.