“I will not disturb Manchester United, I’m prepared to leave” — Mason Greenwood Disclosed

Greenwood said; I want to begin by acknowledging that public perception, shaped by social media, may have led to judgments about me. I understand that many might have formed negative opinions based on what they’ve seen or heard.

I was raised with a strong understanding that violence or mistreatment in any relationship is unacceptable. I want to clarify that I was cleared of all charges in February and did not engage in the actions I was accused of. Nevertheless, I acknowledge my own faults in the relationship, and I take responsibility for the circumstances that led to the social media posts.

I am realizing the weight of my role as a professional footballer and the significance of setting a positive example. My focus is on being a responsible father, as well as a supportive partner.

The decision to depart from Manchester United has been a thoughtful process involving the club, my family, and myself. It’s the best decision for all involved, ensuring that my presence does not become a distraction. I’m immensely thankful to the club for their support since I joined at the age of seven. A part of me will always be tied to United.

I deeply appreciate the unwavering support of my family and loved ones. I am committed to earning back the trust they have placed in me. My aim is to grow not just as a footballer but primarily as a good father and a better person, channeling my talents positively both on and off the field.