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“I Will Not Keep Quiet, The Whole World Must Hear This”— Lizzy Anjorin Says As She Called Out Her Husband Over New Wife (Watch The Drama)

Nollywood actress Lizzy Anjorin has publicly criticized her husband for marrying a younger wife.

She explained that in Yoruba culture, when a new king is crowned, it is customary for the king to take a very young and attractive wife.

Lizzy Anjorin pointed out that a similar tradition is observed when someone attains a new chieftaincy title.

She went on to explain that she had actually encouraged her husband to marry another wife who could assume the responsibilities associated with his recent chieftaincy title.

But the reverse is the case as her husband rejected her offer, while speaking with the audience in the video the said husband arrived at the scene an he questioned her wife Lizzy Anjorin on why he should marry another wife

She Responded: By Saying She thought her husband had finished eating her so she needed someone whose blood was still fresh.

The husband Insist saying she can never finish eating her and her beauty alone is enough for him alone

Fans reacted to the video as many of them asked if Lizzy Anjorin could handle them, she asked back almost the same set of questions if they could handle him too.

Watch The Video Below;