“I Wish To Be Like You Mom” – Actress Oyedeji Olaide Daughter Ameerah Tell Her Mother (Video)

Oyedeji Olaide shared a video featuring her daughter, Ameerah, discussing her future career aspirations.

In the video, Ameerah expressed her desire to become an artist like her mother. However, her mother insisted that she should pursue singing instead of a career as an artist.”

Ameerah strongly insisted on becoming an artist and a painter, aspiring to follow in her mother’s footsteps. However, her mother was reluctant, not wanting her child to experience the same kind of life she currently leads.”

She wrote: “Long Time No Abike”

Watch the funny video below;

Netizen React with different forms of emoji indicating that the child is taking over from her mother ways of behavior.

This is to say it’s always good to leave a good example.