“If I Talk Now Everywhere Go Scatter, Pay My Money Onigbese”- Actress Joke jigan angrily calls out Yoruba producer over unpaid money

Yoruba Nollywood actress and producer, Joke Jigan, used social media to address her colleague Gbolahan Moses for airing their joint production on Africa Magic without compensating her. Joke Jigan mentioned that Gbolahan Moses claimed he hadn’t received payment for the production.

She expressed her frustration but also made it clear that she wouldn’t engage in a social media dispute and was ready to address the matter through proper channels. This underscores the significance of equitable compensation and clear contractual agreements within the entertainment industry.

Gbolahan Moses “Geebee Films” Africa Magic is showing the movie me and you produced for the second time right now and you are telling me they haven’t paid you kobo abi?

Walai I no go do social media with you o, olorun ngbor … u go beat me tire anyday anywhere I see you for this life!!!! I no Dey find trouble o but when E come I no go run.”

Similarly, young producer, Seyi Bonimo called out his senior colleague, Ojopagogo and his wife, Moji Afolayan, for reportedly tricking him.

In an online video, Seyi Bonimo alleged that the couple had an agreement with him to shoot a movie with him. He disclosed how they dragged the conversation about postponing the date for another appropriate time to suit the said movie noting that an extra thirty thousand naira was sent to Ojopagogo to aid his transportation after the latter complained of a hike in fuel price.

According to Seyi Bonimo, Moji Afolayan refunded some part of the money remaining ten thousand naira which she claimed she wouldn’t return.

The aggrieved producer further revealed that he had contacted authorities in the movie industry about the issue, but none were able to compel them to refund the money.