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“If Interested, pls kindly DM” – Nigerian mother offers her twins for adoption as they spill milk, litter the sitting room

The Nigerian mother, seemingly tired of her twins’ antics, humorously cautioned people on social media against having twins.

She humorously suggested giving away her twins after they emptied a milk tin, playfully expressing exasperation.

In the video, which has garnered thousands of likes, the twins were seen playing in the sitting room with spilled milk all over their bodies and on the floor.

The woman attached two captions to the video, one of which reads: ‘Where are those who tapped into my blessing? I hope you’re ready for this.’

She also wrote below the post: ‘If you’re interested in them, kindly DM abeg.’

The mother‘s statement and her kids’ actions caught the attention of many social media users who have taken to the comment page to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

karen456: “i follow and i tap again and again 😂😂😂Nah milk dem lick dem nor kill person.”

Paco: “I swear I will still tap again I love this when seeing it 💕😂😂 although it’s funny bt lv it. Let God give me 💰💵 so that dey will do it.”

user9523858781318: “oh lord bless me with the twins in Jesus name amen n amen.”

Nmesoma: “my sister phone was in a drum of water for one week.”

Meshack Chinonso: “if my wife born twins nd they gimme wahala,na their grandma place they’ll be staying.”

user96836607761654: “i pray for my aunty that has been looking for a baby may she receive her baby now in jesus name.”

prince CJ international: “is the Joy of motherhood dear…..De lord is your strength.”

Mummy Chimaobi: “Hahahaha yes ooo I am fully ready , I tap again from ur grace and blessings.”

pricelessAmar: “No matter what , Lord I desire triplet 2 boys and a girl or twins a boy and a girl.”

imhante Rebecca: “i nor dey fine twins me na twin i nor waiting we do my mom so I nor want make them do me.”

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