“If Not That My Papa Use My Glory For You Because Of Money”– Young Duu Reveal Diirty Secret About Portable Following Clash With His New Boss

Young Duu has publicly confronted his former boss Portable, accusing him of attempting to ruin his life.

He exposed the secrets between himself and Portable, revealing that it was his family who performed a ritual on Portable, enabling Portable to profit from his success.

He expressed disbelief at someone else using his glory to gain wealth while he struggles on the streets, calling it absolute nonsense.

Young Duu vowed that if Portable continued to torment his life, he would reveal everything about their relationship online.

While Portable hasn’t responded to his message yet, it’s likely that he will reply soon.

Slapabo_media wrote: Glory way u no fit use when u Dey smoke colo up nd down 😂😂😂😂 before him help u we all see everything nah 😂he was the only guy that believed in you when everyone keep laughing at you 😏 this boy een how much u come get like this now way make u think say u don fully stand 😂u wey ur leg still dey shake

Steven_ibm001 wrote: Smile, he doesn’t need all this against someone who has stand for you before, letting the public know he’s bullying or threatening you is normal but no disrespect bro ❌

Smiley.hood wrote: The funny part be sayy … why can’t you go to portable and face him one on one instead of coming online to be pouring us saliva 😂😂😂😂😂 Aburo Cater efe 😂😂

Earn.estine244 wrote: Hmm see comments, but people no know say portable Dey trouble this guy too much and he needs to stop. E dun de over do. Una de talk another thing, if he bully d boy to kpai now Una go later come on here de type miss you brr, rip, love you abi. Hypocrisy at the highest level😏🥹

Eniolami77: His creating nuisance now
Let’s be sincere portable is doing too much since when and still fought Kesh ah ah You dey sing about helper Buh you wan dey block another person helper
Eye service go kill una for this country

Iam_slimcity wrote: This street is full of ingrates no matter what portable made you who you are so atleast you should give him the respect and try settle things amicably if not portable nobody will have know this boy