“If you didn’t make me, you can’t break me” Iyabo Ojo sends message to Governor Sanwo Olu, others

Iyabo Ojo, a prominent figure in Nollywood, recently voiced her concerns about Governor Sanwo Olu and other individuals who appear determined to undermine her.

According to famous9ja, the actress and businesswoman openly criticized Governor Sanwo Olu and the entire Lagos state government for their excessively high tax assessment that was sent to her.

Sharing pictures of the bill on her Instagram page just moments ago, Iyabo Ojo wrote,

“Dear @jidesanwoolu and @lagosstategovt, could you please enlighten me on how you calculate these exorbitant personal income taxes that you send on a daily basis? After already paying various taxes for my businesses, residence, and more… you still present me with these huge amounts and give me a mere 7 days to settle, haha. Last time, you requested that I visit your office, which I did, and I explained and declared my earnings as per your request. However, to my dismay, you did not respond to my letter, as it seems you want me to pay an outrageous sum that I simply cannot afford. Should I resort to theft to fulfill your demands? I ask once again, how do you come up with such outrageous bills?”

Iyabo Ojo expressed her strong dissatisfaction with the Lagos state government through a post on her Instagram page.

She confidently asserted that nobody can bring her down, as none of them played a role in shaping her current success.

She firmly stated her unwavering commitment to her beliefs, refusing to be influenced or intimidated by tribal prejudice.

Iyabo Ojo emphasized her desire for a better Nigeria and stated that she is unafraid to voice her opinions, regardless of whose ego may be affected.

“I stand firmly and unwaveringly on my beliefs. I cannot be coerced or shaken. I will never submit to the bigotry of tribalism… I yearn for a better Nigeria, regardless of whose pride may be wounded. We cannot all share the same perspectives. I do not see tribes; I only see my country. I am Nigerian… I am not afraid of death, for it is inevitable. I will never fear expressing my opinions, for it is my right…

I have no enemies. We may not all support the same cause, we may not see things from the same lens, but you are not my enemy because, at the end of the day, whether good or bad, we are in this together. We are all citizens of Nigeria.

I possess empathy for my country, not for personal gain. If after eight years Nigeria experiences renewed hope, then perhaps my beliefs may change. But until then, I firmly stand by my convictions.

If you did not contribute to my success, you cannot break me. You may take my physical body, but never my soul.”