“If you don’t stop asking for DNA test, we’re going to sue you for N300M” – Mohbad’s sister-in-law warns VeryDarkMan

The dispute between VeryDarkMan and the late Mohbad’s family regarding a DNA test has intensified, leading to a warning from the artist’s sister-in-law and the threat of a N300 million defamation lawsuit.

Legal matters of this nature require adherence to proper legal procedures and channels to resolve disputes effectively and justly.

Defamation claims are a serious legal concern, and it is crucial for all parties involved to address these issues through established legal processes to ensure fair and lawful outcomes.

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“Asking a mourning woman to submit her son for DNA test is pure evil”- Actress Mary Njoku chides Nigerians
The sudden death of Nigerian singer Mohbad has shocked the country.

As more information about his death becomes available, one item has sparked a heated debate: some Nigerians want to run a DNA test on his child.

Mohbad’s body was recently exhumed from his burial site, and the authorities conducted an autopsy quickly, leaving the public yearning for answers concerning his demise.

In the middle of this excitement, rumours have begun, with some netizens questioning the paternity of the child he shared with his wife before his death.

The actress, known for her candid beliefs, joined the debate with her own opinions.

She took to her instagram story to berate those who were asking “a mourning woman to submit her DNA test”
In her own words

“Asking a mourning

Widow to submit her son for a DNA test is pure

Evil. Haba!

She just lost a husband!

Lost a father to her child! Lost her Helper and Protector of over 10yrs! Let her mourn in peace!

If you can’t support her, don’t add to her misery!

Small monev don enter

for DNA test. Just because she isn’t rich.

If her husband didn’t doubt the paternity of his child, who are we to think otherwise?

Abeg make una no let the dead para for una o!

Don’t frustrated his family!!!!

Let’s focus on getting #justiceformohbad”

Her words resonated with many Nigerians who felt that such a request was insensitive, especially during a time of grief.