“Ile aye asan, awaye maku kan o si, Sikasika gbagbe ajobi, adaniloro gbagbe ola” – Actress Bukunmi Oluwashina say as she begs for justice over Mohbad’s death

Nollywood Movie Producer and Actress Bukunmi Oluwasina Continues to Mourn the Late Singer Mohbad Following His Recent Dismissal

The actress, in an emotional message, expressed that if he had received all this love while he was still alive, his sorrow might have turned into joy by now.

The actress further elaborated on why someone who would eventually depart from this world would oppress others, not realizing that one day, all their power and themselves would be laid to rest in a small box beneath the ground.

She describes life as a bus, that no one knows the destination it’s going to, but one thing is sure no one is coming out of the bus alive.

Her post stirred reactions many have poured out their minds in different ways.

Her Post Captioned;

Both the rich and the poor,
The oppressor and the oppressed,
The most powerful and the powerless,
The most influential and one that knows nobody,
The OGs and the upcoming
The one with 30 Million followers and the one with 1k followers,
The one with 10 houses, and the one that is homeless ,
The one with 5 cars and the one with just legs,
The one with billions in his account, and the one begging for money on the street.
The wise and the fool.
The one that use people and the ones been used
The one that is writing this and the one that is reading it…

We are all travellers in a bus called “Life”, driven by a driver, called “Destiny”.
And no, we do not know… No one knows where this driver is taking us all.
But one thing we all know, but often forget, is the fact that, NONE OF US IS GETTING OUT OF THIS BUS ALIVE.
So, why the hate?
Why the oppression?
Why the envy?
Buy all the houses in the world, you would end up sleeping in a box ⚰️ under the ground. And you won’t even be there to choose the best ⚰️one for yourself.

Erupe lasan to n jowu erupe.
Erupe to n gbogun ti erupe.
Erupe to n je arawon lese.


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Biganty4real: Ile aye asan, awaye maku kan o si. Sikasika gbagbe ajobi, adaniloro gbagbe ola…… GOD will surely judge this 😢💔

Sleemzycute_is_grateful_: Vanity upon vanity why kill a life you can’t create why destroy glories you can make why beef people that still have their troubles Dey go through regardless everyone will die one day just that the time is different 😢😢😢😢 we pray we don’t die young

Olarenwaju_sharafa: @bukunmioluwasina Your voice is very loud on this matter; and that’s why I decided to stop by and thank you so much for all you do. God bless you. @jidesanwoolu Your Excellency- I know you are very busy with other state matter; pls this is a critical case that involves people who believe they are