“Ilorin People And Wahala, Fa, Manji Na 5&6” – Reactions As Taaooma shares experience Living with an Ilorin neighbour Video Trend Online (Watch)

Taaooma, the renowned Nigerian skit creator (Maryam Apaokagi-Greene), has triggered a wave of laughter from online users through her recent video that focuses on individuals from Ilorin.

Taking to her official Instagram account, Taaooma presents a tale about her interaction with a neighbor from Ilorin, turning it into an attention-grabbing subject.

The skit depicts Taaooma and her husband engaged in a conversation when an Ilorin resident enters and requests seasoning and salt, leading to comedic situations.

While searching for Maggi, the woman, wearing a black hijab, showcases her Ilorin influence by pronouncing the seasoning as “Manji”.

After gently correcting her, the Ilorin woman, who initially came for seasoning and salt, gets sidetracked and starts engaging in irrelevant chatter. Eventually, her son Quadri interrupts, addressing her as “moinmi” (which means “my mother” in Ilorin dialect), urgently informing her that a fire has spread throughout the food.

The video Caption, She wrote; “When you have an Ilorin neighbor next door.”

Watch The Video Below;

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officialyemielesho’s profile picture E be like say Quadri Na my favorite o 🤣🤣🤣.

iamvjadams: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

eniivy: Seeing Quadri’s head, I can understand how it broke the TV.

eyinjuoluwaa001: Toa you’re glowing differently ooo ✨️.

arabinrin_rahmat: I wasn’t expecting any Quadri 😂😂😂😂, but ori Quadri yii lagbara.

olusemilore_; “Fa” “Walahi” “Lahila” Ilorin to the world