“I’m 92years Old But Am Still Strong To Tatata”– Actress Tawa Ajisefini Father Tell Those Ladies Having Crush’s On Him (Video)

A humorous video has emerged, showing the 94-year-old father of Nigerian actress Tawa Ajesefnni reacting to affectionate messages sent by his daughter’s female admirers.

The shared video depicts the actress instructing her father to greet her fans and followers.

Furthermore, she mentioned that some of her female fans have expressed their fondness for him and admitted to having a crush on him.

In response to her statement, the 94-year-old man humorously replied that if those fans are prepared to marry him, they will find enjoyment in his company as he’s still quite active.

The Actress Wrote: So few days ago,I visited my dad again👌❤️❤️😆😆 and I told him some of my female fans were asking him out ooooo when I posted him😆😆

Walai Alhaji is a clown faaaaa…I never knew ooooo😄😄😄

Over 92 years old and still agile 💪💪💪 he can still do tatata🤣🤪

Long may you live daddy 🙏🙏ajinde ara a maa Je o lola anobi Muhammad S.A.W 🤲

Gist fe pami at some point🤣🤣

I’m glad to meet you alive walai👏🙏🙏💯💯 ALHAMDULILAH 🙏

This is my biological father🥰💖

Many of her friends and colleagues React to the video as many says if they are not married they have married baba.

Watch The Funny Video Below;