“I’m getting tired of this whole thing” Drama as Yul Edochie and Judy Austin engage in heated argument online (Video)

A wave of social media excitement erupted when Nollywood actor Yul Edochie and his wife, Judy Austin, became entangled in a passionate conflict.

Yul, renowned for his frequent activity on Facebook, posted a video displaying a fervent disagreement between himself and Judy Austin regarding her excessive phone usage.

In the recording, Judy Austin was seen recording their interaction while Yul expressed his dissatisfaction with her neglectful behavior towards him.

The couple’s argument originated from Judy’s loyalty towards one of Yul’s friends who accidentally damaged his car. Yul had entrusted his friend with one of his vehicles for a trip, but the friend ended up crashing it without informing Yul.

Instead of supporting her husband, Judy appeared to take the friend’s side, leaving Yul deeply unsettled.

Reflecting on the situation in his caption, Yul questioned why he couldn’t have a productive conversation with Judy and have her truly listen to him.

He discovered the video on her phone and made the decision to share it.

Expressing his frustration, he expressed that he was growing weary of the entire situation.

“I don’t comprehend why I can’t communicate with Judy and have her listen to me. I’m becoming exhausted with this whole ordeal. I stumbled upon this video she recorded, and I felt compelled to share it.”