“I’m Not His Fan Because He Doesn’t Have Respect” – Kate Henshaw Reveals What Happened When She Met Davido

During an interview, acclaimed actress Kate Henshaw shared her thoughts on musician Davido, mentioning that she isn’t particularly fond of him due to an encounter where he didn’t extend a warm reception when they met.

Kate Henshaw disclosed this while speaking on Chude’s podcast, expressing her appreciation for Davido’s music but highlighting that they don’t have a personal connection.

Emphasizing the significance of respect and the importance of one’s personality in influencing connections, she stressed the value of mutual respect in interactions.

“I’m not a fan. I like his music but I don’t know him. I’ve met him, he didn’t greet me. And for me, I believe he should be respectful. What you have or don’t have, is okay. I love his music, but for me, personality matters and it draws people closer to you,” Kate Henshaw said.

Despite her sentiments towards the Afrobeats sensation, the actress acknowledged Davido’s philanthropy and commendable deeds.

She highlighted that despite Davido’s wealth, he has consistently shown dedication and hard work, attributing part of his success to his commitment and efforts.

Watch her speak below;