“I’m One Man For Many Women” – Portable Says As He Plan To Marry More Wives

Singer Portable, who just became a father with aspiring actress Ashabi Simple, shared a message on his official social media account within an hour of his son’s birth. In his post, he proclaimed himself as the embodiment of masculinity, captivating the hearts of women everywhere.

Acknowledging the greatness of God, Portable expressed his belief that a man is meant for all women and all women are meant for one man. Referring to himself as King Zazuu, he humbly admitted to being a sinner and asked for God’s forgiveness, recognizing the possibility of future mistakes.

Accompanied by the caption, “One man for all woman. All woman for one man. King Zazzu. I’m a sinner who’s probably going to sin again. Lord forgive me,” Portable’s post triggered a wave of reactions on the internet. Fans and celebrities alike shared their thoughts and opinions.

Notably, renowned singer Samklef affirmed that God’s command is to be fruitful and multiply, suggesting that one woman alone cannot fulfill that purpose and assuring Portable of God’s approval. In a lighthearted response, a fan humorously commented, “I reside in the Zoo, dropping a clever quote.”

See his post below;