“I’m Really Getting Scared”– Actress Bimpe Akintunde Reveal Her Greatest Fear

Bimpe Akintunde, a renowned actress in Nollywood, recently revealed her greatest fear, which centers around the concept of friendship.

In an open and honest manner, the popular Yoruba movie star expressed that nothing frightens her more than the vulnerability of friendships. Bimpe Akintunde shared her concern regarding the disturbing frequency at which friendships deteriorate, often resulting in former best friends publicly airing their grievances.

While she understands that it is unrealistic for childhood friendships to endure for two decades, she strongly believes that such situations should not lead to lifelong animosity.

As a single mother of one, Bimpe Akintunde expressed gratitude to God for the wisdom and maturity she has gained over time. She mentioned that when she decides to end a friendship, she chooses to gradually distance herself without explicitly confronting the person.

“Friendship is the thing that scares me the most. The way it can fall apart is alarming. Best friends turning into enemies, people airing their dirty laundry on the internet! It’s truly heartbreaking! Of course, it’s not realistic for childhood friendships to last forever, but it shouldn’t lead to lifelong hatred! I thank God for giving me grace and maturity. When I’m done with a friendship, I simply fade away. Your chapter in my life closes, but I still wish you well.”

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