“I’m So Glad To See You Again My No Nonsense Daddy” – Tawa Ajisefinni Says As She Links Up With Antar Laniyan and Eyinju Eledumare (Video)

Two days ago, Tawa Ajisefinni, a Nigerian actress, returned to Nigeria from the United States accompanied by her husband, Jamo Mayor Alli, after spending four years in New York. Since coming back, Tawa has been reconnecting with several actors in the Nigerian film industry, commonly known as Nollywood.

Today, Tawa met with the experienced actor Antar Laniyan and the renowned actress Eyinju Eledumare. A video captured their interaction, showing Tawa kneeling down to greet Antar and warmly embracing him. Antar asked about her experience as a US citizen, and she confirmed it. Tawa also had a brief conversation with her longtime friend Eyinju Eledumare.

Overflowing with joy, Tawa expressed her feelings by using love emojis and affectionately referred to Antar as her “strict father figure” and Eyinju as her “beloved friend.” She thanked them for being present and appreciated their reunion.

This heartwarming moment sparked reactions online, with fans and fellow celebrities gushing over the actors. People expressed their admiration and shared lovely remarks in response to the encounter.

Top celebrities like She Baby and Yemi Terry sent love emojis.

A fan said, “May God protect you from evil eyes”.

Watch The Video Below;