“Imagine! See what she wore on pulpit” – Moses Bliss’ fiancee tackled over sleeveless outfit while preaching in church

Moses Bliss’ fiancee, Marie Wiseborn gets faulted by a netizen over her outfit on pulpit

Marie Wiseborn, fiancée of gospel singer Moses Bliss, faces criticism for her choice of outfit on the pulpit, with a netizen expressing discontent over her sleeveless gown.

The incident highlights discussions about fashion choices within the context of religious settings.

Marie Wiseborn, the fiancee of the famous gospel singer, recently got lashed by a netizen who faulted her appearance on the pulpit.

Moses Bliss has been trending for some hours after announcing his engagement to his Ghanaian lover, Marie Wiseborn. As expected, many netizens stormed the lady’s page with some congratulating her and others having something else to say about the union.

Her IG page had a few posts on it and one of the posts caught the attention of a netizen who appeared to be a critic.

Commenting, the Instagram user identified by his handle as @pennipaige_of_delta faulted Marie Wiseborn over her outfit on the pulpit.

The cybernaut wrote:

“What kind of dress did you wear on top of the pulpit?

The comment attracted a lot of reactions from netizens who showed up in defence of Marie, blasting the online critic for his unsolicited opinion.

One @preoder_with_diva blasted the commenter.

“@pennipaige_of_delta who are you to judge???,” the response read.

Check out the exchange below: