“Is it her wedding? why she come dress pass the bride” – Lady steals show at wedding as she rocks matching outfits with groom, rains money heavily on him (Video)

A viral video on the internet showcased a woman stealing the spotlight at a wedding with her impeccable style, causing quite a commotion.

In the circulating video, the lady commanded attention as she graced the dance floor accompanied by two female companions, all adorned in matching outfits with the groom.

Wearing an elegant white-beaded gown, she made a lasting impression on the celebration, prompting speculation among onlookers about whether she was, in fact, the bride.

She took the event to another level, spraying money heavily on the couple. The highlight of the video was the way she rained hard currency on the groom.

The bride, who was seen in a simple yellow attire, could be seen unaffected with the lady’s dressing as she smiled and embraced her tightly.

Watch the video below: