“Is it until I d!e that you’ll remember me?” – Singer Terry G calls out his colleagues for snubbing his messages

Renowned Nigerian singer Gabriel Oche Amanyi, popularly known as Terry G, has publicly criticized his fellow colleagues in the music industry for disregarding his attempts to communicate with them.

In a video posted on social media, the ‘Sangalow’ artist disclosed his disappointment, mentioning that despite reaching out to several peers in the music scene, they chose to ignore his messages.

Expressing dismay, Terry G reflected on his past contributions within the music industry, reminiscing about the support he provided to his colleagues by crafting hits during his peak when he dominated charts and made significant waves in the industry.

At 37 years old, the singer expressed his disappointment, highlighting how, at a point when he requires support to revitalize his career, his colleagues have chosen to overlook him. He pondered aloud whether it would take his passing for them to remember him.

However, he refrained from disclosing the identities of those who disregarded his attempts to connect with them.

See his tweet below;

A while back, Terry G responded to the never-ending comparisons between him and his junior colleague, Portable.

It’s no news that Terry G has an eccentric personality which was evident in his dress sense, attitude and stage performance during his prime.

However, following Portable’s emergence to the limelight, there has been a subtle comparison between him and Terry G because he also has a crazy personality.

The discourse started again on Twitter after Portable’s recent clash with some police officers who attempted to arrest him in his bar on Tuesday, March 28.

Reacting to Portable’s angry response when the policemen stormed his bar, a tweep opined that he is crazier than Terry G, and stated that everyone who said the ‘Akpako master’ has a crazier personality owes Portable an apology.

“Those of you that compared Terry G’s madness to Portable should apologize right now!!!” the tweep wrote.

The tweet caught Terry G’s attention and he warned the Twitter user not to ever compare him with Portable. According to him, one should never compare an original to a photocopy.