“Isese Lagba, No Dey Brainwashed Us Sir, Stop Wasting Money For Tourists To Fool Us”- A fan Sl@m Femi Adebayo as he share photo of himself at Mecca

Renowned Nigerian actor Femi Adebayo recently posted a photo from his pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on social media.

Although the actor’s post aimed to convey a spiritual journey, it elicited a range of reactions from fans, including one individual who expressed disapproval and skepticism.

In the image, Femi Adebayo was captured wearing white attire while engaged in religious rituals in Mecca, a sacred location for Muslims.

He captioned the image with a message of gratitude and spiritual reflection.

He wrote, “In these sacred moments of prayer, I lift my heart to the heavens for all of you. May Allah shower His blessings upon each of you and grant you all the strength, joy, and guidance you seek in your lives.

And as I stand on this holy ground today, I also remember the soul of MohBad. May Allah, in His infinite mercy, grant him the justice and peace that his spirit deserves.

Together, let us seek solace in our faith and the hope for a better tomorrow.

#JusticeForMohBad, #PilgrimagePrayers, #Imole”

However, one of his fans took a different perspective and commented on the post, saying, “Isese lagba, no dey brainwashed us sir ,stop wasting money for tourists to fool us.”

See the post below:

Some fans of Femi Adebayo also took to the comment section to criticize the fan for his comment.

See below:

– @iamrsannigold Did he hold you not to do your Isese??

– @iamrsannigold My Alfa doesn’t have Ifa and I As Alfa too I don’t have Ifa and Allah has been blessing me with everything I want I pray may Allah Forgive you and Guide you to Islam

– @iamrsannigold So who is holding from doing yours? Did he invite you? What is the colour of your lack of comprehension??? To you your way and to Muslims theirs! Keep to yours and let others keep to theirs !

– @iamrsannigold Mr Sanni you can’t force religion on someone,do your shirk in peace and leave him to practice Islam.