“It was intentional rigged, I want a rematch” – Charles Okocha seeks rematch following boxing match defeat

Nigerian actor Charles Okocha is urging for the total annulment of his recent ring battle against singer Portable, citing purported cheating and a referee lacking experience.

Following his defeat to Portable on December 26th, the actor is pushing for a review of the match outcome.

Despite the referee declaring Portable as the winner based on the requirements, Okocha insists on a reevaluation of the fight results.

Shortly after the result announcement, Charles Okocha expressed grievances against the referee and the match organizers, alleging that Portable removed his boxing gloves during the third round, an action that should have led to immediate disqualification.

In a post on his social media page, he said, “How can you give up in the 3rd round when we have 4 rounds? How do you take off your gloves in the third round, leading to total disqualification when the fight hasn’t ended?”

“Y’all know this was rigged, with an incompetent referee who knows nothing about boxing rules. Nevertheless, we move on. Rematch coming soon.”


“I want a rematch, this shiiiit was r!gged” – Charles Okocha pic.twitter.com/L1sb9lN4Nl— Olúwadámilọlá (@therealdotun) December 27, 2023